Spare Parts

Your theeGo vehicle deserves the best Spare Parts and Accessories and as part of our commitment we want to ensure this is always available to you for the long term reliability of your vehicle. You can be assured that when your car is in for service, maintenance or repair, not only is it in the safe hands of experts who have genuine knowledge of everything that has to do with your car – you can count on lasting quality and instant availability.


This is the energy reservoir that contains the energy to drive, operate the heating and cooling, and run all of the other lights and accessories. Typically, batteries use direct current electricity that is converted to AC or alternating current, before being used in the electric motor.
Battery capacity:
e8: 14.8Kwh
EM3: 22Kwh/ 36Kwh
e6: 78Kwh

The component of an electric vehicle that transforms the electrical energy from the battery into rotation that can be used to move the vehicle.
Motor Peak Power:
e8: 15Kw
EM3: 40Kw
e6: 110Kw

The electric vehicle controller is the electronics package that operates between the batteries and the motor to control the electric vehicle’s speed and acceleration much like a carburetor does in a gasoline-powered vehicle.

Battery Management System

The BMS manages the electrical current flow in and out of the battery to protect the battery and extend its life. Every EV is going to have a BMS that is designed specifically for the battery in the car. Thus, modifying the battery or adding a battery could prove to be quite difficult if the BMS is not also modified to compensate.

Charging Port

Much like the access port for the gas tank in an internal combustion engine car, the charge port is the location where energy enters the car.