We at thee Go have prioritized a level of After Sales service that goes above and beyond your typical standard to ensure we are always there for you.

Our Commitment to Service

Contact: 01-4429052    Toll Free:9801573300

Courtesy Car

A replacement car will be provided if our service does not meet the promised level of care.
I. The service does not apply to cars damaged in an accident.
II. The service does not apply to cars under paint and body works.

Customer Service Call Center

Our Customer Relation Centre allows our customers to ask any question or give comments to ensure we can deliver our services anytime.
To facilitate customers to reach theeGO’s offices for fast and efficient services wherever trouble occurs whether the problem comes from regular use or a long trip.

Roadside Assistance

Rest assured in case of trouble, anywhere, anytime.

Skilled Man Power

Highly trained professionals to ensure all service requirements are met.

Interesting Facts About EV

Most electric cars require check-ups rather than any true servicing.

Moving Parts - The drive train in an ICE vehicle contains 2,000+ moving parts typically, whereas the drive train in an EV contains around 20 only!

Servicing and Maintenance cost of EV is 20-30% that of ICE

Battery Maintenance FAQ

Batteries can be thought of as the heart of your EV. They define how far you can go and how long it will take to recharge. Our FAQs below should answer some of the most common questions

Very unlikely – a battery’s life is determined by the number of cycles it can run. A typical LFP battery support at least 1500-2000 cycles until the remaining capacity reduces to 80% of the initial battery capacity. This roughly translates to 200000 – 275000km travelled or 8-10years of use.

If there is a need to replace the battery within the warranty period due to manufacturing defect or other malfunctioning error then the manufacturer should replace or repair the battery pack. If the owner decides that they would like to replace the battery outside of warranty then they can often pay to do so. As the price of battery is continuously diminishing this can be done fairly cheaply, especially considering the operational savings from driving an EV.

Well, it’s the same as running out of fuel in a conventional vehicle. A tow company will come and rescue you from the side of the road.

We advise you clearly define your need and plan your journey such that the situation is avoided in the first place. The perceived ease of filling up with petrol or diesel actually leads to a complacency that causes more problems than it saves.

However, as a back-up we suggest two things:

1) Always carry your standard household plug charger. That way when you get to your destination and you realize you will be cutting it fine you can top up your battery from any standard plug. That extra 30 minutes of slow charging could get you another 15 km.

2) Ensure you have breakdown cover. Call the toll-free number for assistance.