thee GO Ecosystem

Our Story

We believe that there is a more responsible way to travel and are determined to make this a sustainable one. Our vehicles are designed to be driven on Nepali roads by Nepali people whilst being environmentally conscious.


We envision a future of zero emissions and zero congestion and we at thee GO have committed ourselves to leading the way towards this future. thee GO wants to be the catalyst for this transition to eco-friendly transportation and eventually pave the way for an environmentally sustainable Nepal.

Electric Vehicles

Zero emission vehicles designed and developed for Nepal to drive the country towards carbon neutrality.

After Sales Service

A level of after Sales service that goes above and beyond your typical standard to ensure we are always there for you.

Training and Development

Skilled manpower to enable first class service and innovation for future products.

Charging Station

Strategically located charging points on highways and cities to ensure distance is never a concern.

Retrofitting EV

Converting petrol/design conventional cars to electric ones to extend the life of your existing vehicles and reduce your carbon footprint.

Fleet Service

Managing and maintaining a fleet of electric vehicles to ensure all your travel needs are met.


Easing your purchase of EV through exclusive collaboration with finance institutions and in house offers.

Battery Assembly

Developing an in house battery assembly capability to ensure self sufficiency.

Battery Recycling

Recycling and disposal of depleted batteries to enable safe handling and maximum usability.

thee GO Danfe

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thee GO e6

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